Welcome to Move With Me

My passion for the bodies movement comes from the practice of AiM (Anatomy in Motion) and creating space from Rolfing/Structural Integration. The blending of these techniques brings about the alignment of bodies boney and muscular structure.


AiM – Is dealing with boney structure

I view your body in motion, and custom design AiM for your body movement and awareness for joint mobility. I work one on one to correct structural habits that have changed the way you walk and function daily. Our moving gait is hardwired in our brain and is naturally there for us to use without having to think about it. Over our life our gait gets knocked out of sorts through life actions and it’s my job to figure out where your body has lost its joint mobility and reconnect that moving system back into play.

Rolfing/Structural Integration – Is dealing with the fascia

I perform a series of ten Rolfing sessions, focused around releasing the myofascial system (wrapping of the muscles in tissue). The goal is to free the body of life formed habits of movement, emotions and injury. I work with your body on a spiritual, physical and mental level as I release the outer layers to the inner layers of fascia to re-educate the body blocks.

Massage Therapy – Is dealing with muscles

Massage therapy is the flushing, cleaning and soothing of the muscular system from training, stress, injury and toxins. The muscle system moves our bones and often need toxins flushed out and the nervous system relaxed which in return the calming of the mind, a nice complement to the above therapy’s.


My role is to guide you, so your body is the ultimate healer.

The goal is to help bring you and your body back to centre creating an ease of movement allowing the healing to begin.

I may use a combination of techniques, dependant on your bodies requirements, and your mobility range. Combining the method of AiM and Rolfing/Structural Integration, allows the body to have the best platform to heal at its ability and pace.

I recommend a package of four sessions; to give the body time to settle and re-adjust and for you to commit to the process.






  • Consultation is free of charge for new clients and takes half an hour.
  • A full up to date health history will help a faster recovery (Birth – Now).
  • Sensible under garments or sports wear is required for any treatments booked.
  • Some treatments require follow up exercise at home.
  • By appointment: Monday to Friday
  • Eftpos/Credit Card available.